Hey anglers, We’re on the first day of our annual Braid Products sponsored trip. Long-range angler, Jan Howard, brought lots of giveaways as the Braid rep on this trip. We fished albacore today in some tough conditions–20 knots of wind and a 4-6 foot sea. We managed to catch 60 fish for our 19 people. Most of those fish were caught in one stop so that was exciting for a short time. The grade of this albacore is really great. When you land one of these fish, you know you’ve caught something. All the fish are over 25 pounds and there are some 35 pound fish. We only had three jigstrikes today but they were all on a pink Zuker. Just a tip for those fishing with us soon: You might want to pick up a trolling feather with some pink in it for color. There was some better fishing to the east of us today, about 30 miles away, so we are moving in there and we hope the weather is better also. More tomorrow. Capt Art