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Hello anglers!


Many anglers are prepping (or dreaming) about Guadalupe Island trips and want to bring the proper gear. It’s important to do just that since our captains are reporting heavy losses of bigger fish due to equipment failures. If you are on Searcher, our crew will check all gear at the dock before boarding, and we can offer loaner gear from our sponsors: Accurate Reels and Seeker Rods.


For reports on gear selection from the deck of Searcher at Guadalupe Island, check our Guadalupe Island Captain’s report here: GEAR FOR GUADALUPE

And review these how-to videos by Searcher captains on hook selection, drag settings, and connections: Captain’s Tackle Techniques

And we’re happy to get your questions answered by our captains, just like the one submitted by Scott M. here:

Hi Captains,
My friends and I are planning to join you on a 6- or 7-day. My questions are: What is the preferred method to catch these better grade tuna at Guadalupe?
And do you recommend a wind-on leader or are knots (RP, Albright, surgeons) just as effective? If so what are the “go-to” knots? Spectra to mono, mono to fluorocarbon?
Scott M

The wind-on leader is going to be your best bet–you are fishing for possibly your personal best yellowfin tuna or yellowtail. So you want everything to be in your favor. But there there is one challenge that make it the hardest: great white sharks. These alpha predators make it a challenage to land a yellowfin, but with the right gear you have the best chance. The set -up I would use is something along these lines:

ROD: Seeker “2×4” or a United composites xxh 100- unlimited or a Calstar xh , xxh 80-100 or a Phenix 80-130 pound rod.

REEL: A two-speed reel with 100 to 130lb hollow core braid with 80 or 100 lb mono but I would wait to put mono on until your trip so you know if 80 or 100 is recommended. Bring that set up or something else close to that. For hooks I would go for the super mutu hooks from Owner like 3/0 to 5/0 size and flourocarbon 80-100lb. The mono to spectra knot is the Tony Peña knot  (if you don’t have hollow core spectra)  and for mono to flouro use a Seaguar knot.

Good luck and see you on board! IMG_0027

Team Searcher

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