If you are stuck at home, or feeling bored and need something to do. We say knot tying. No better time to work on your knot tying skills. 👆👆👆👆Click the video to learn the “Improved Clinch” Knot.

Plus we have tons of other Tackle tips to keep you busy. Tackle Tip Thursday 👈 click here to hook more videos. We have seen some videos of some anglers practicing with the kiddos or grandkids or even hooking a dog or cat toy. They are the best test of how strong your knot is. (Or so we have heard.) Test it out and send us videos.

Happy Monday! Let’s stay focused on the fishing season that is fast approaching. 👆👆Click the video.👆👆You know you want to. It’s been sanitized for your protection. It is safe to click. Captain Art shows us the “Improved Clinch” Knot. Perfect for hooking monofilament aka “mono” to your circle hook. Great for #bluefin or any tuna! Strong won’t break and easy to do.