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Tackle Tip Thursday Vol. 35 ( Favorite Set-up)

Happy Tackle Tip Thursday. On this Valentine’s day edition of Tackle Tip Thursday. Today, we have a special guest with one of our favorite Lady anglers Lori from Turner’s Outdoorsman. She gives us a rundown of her favorite fishing and set up. (A great gift for any anglerette on your list.) Rod made by Phenix Rods and reel by Avet reels. Thank you to Lori and Turner’s Outdoorsman for letting us come by. Happy Tackle Tip Thursday everyone. Happy Tackle Tip Thursday and Valentine’s day everyone. 

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Ocean to Galley (Jarred Fish/Tuna)

Looking for a way to prepare all your Searcher-caught fish? How about giving Dave B.’s family recipe for jarred (canned) fish a try?

Dave says wahoo and yellowfin are his favorites to jar. (He said that yellowtail was too strong and bluefin he had to throw out as it was too strong.) It’s delicious and worth a try.

“It’s delicious!” ~Team Searcher


  • 6 lbs of fish (your choice) in cubes
  • 1/8 tsp of sea salt (per jar)
  • 12-8oz jars


  1. Sterilize jars first. (Dave says to use the dishwasher or boil jars.)
  2. Cubed fish and salt are placed in the jars. Fish added first, then add salt.
  3. Place jars in pressure cooker for an hour (Follow directions on pressure cooker as time and size may vary.)
  4. Enjoy! The shelf life is quite long.

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