New office assistant, Jen

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If you’ve called or emailed in the last 10 days, you reached Jen Kim, our new office assistant. She was busy here while we were out of town for pre-season R&R. Jen tackled some issues while we were away, including some updated enforcements on having a valid passport for MOST sportfishing trips entering Mexico. Please know that we are trying hard to stay informed and get information to you quickly.

Please make sure to have a valid passport…EXCEPT if you are booked for a 1.5-day trip with us. Since those trips typically fish offshore, the need for a visa (and thus a passport) aren’t in effect. It is possible that the longer trips will not require a passport or visa, but that depends on fishing conditions close to the day of departure. It’s imperative you are prepared so we can take you where the fish are! See Jen’s recommendations below:

Make sure your passport (card or book) is valid and hasn’t expired. Good idea to check it now! if you don’t have a passport, don’t delay in applying or renewing.

Here’s a link to the Department of State website to answer questions:
• Click here for info about passports and passport cards The passport card applies to sea crossings, and thus your fishing trip.
• If you prefer, you can search your local area for a passport expediting service for a quicker turnaround time for an extra fee.

Closer to your trip, we will request information from the details page from your passport.
This passport requirement allows our captains to make the best fishing choices in Mexican waters for your trip. if the choice is made to fish within Mexican territorial waters, we’ll arrange for the necessary visa and the cost will be $25, due and payable on the day of departure. That decision is made on the day of departure, based on fishing conditions. If your trip is an offshore one, then the visa will not be required.
FISHING PERMITS (Mexican and California)
The cost of Mexican fishing permits (required despite an annual Mexican license, if you have it) is included in your trip cost.
if a California fishing license is necessary (determined by location of the fish), these can be purchased at the landing for residents and non-residents.
We don’t recommend purchasing these in advance since the fishing location won’t be decided until the day of departure. your annual license does cover these trips, so bring it along if you have one.